OEM Guidance

OEM Cosmetics Manufacturing

Using our facilities and planning systems, we will assist in your company’s product development, as well as determining proper production scaling; small or mass lots. We offer total planning support throughout all phases of the project based on the needs of the client, including sales strategy, marketing, brand design, formulation development, and pharmaceutical compliance measures.
  1. 1.Orientation

    Initial meeting to discuss your company’s concept and selling experience.

  2. 2.Product Design

    Creating product parameters based on results of market analysis.

  3. 3.Trial

    Delivery of sample product. Further analysis of formulation and concept.

  4. 4.Evaluation

    Assessment of sample formulation and concept strength.

  5. 5.Package Design

    Presentation of options for packaging materials and design to meet you company’s budget.

  6. 6.Estimate

    Finalize product specifications and costs.

  7. 7.Examination

    Product safety and security review. Application for the revised Pharmaceutical Affairs Act.

  8. 8.Delivery

    Delivery of finalized, regulation-compliant products.

  9. 9.Follow up

    Discuss supporting sales promotions and renewal plan offers.