To Live Beautifully and Naturally. To Live Beautifully and Naturally.

Many products are created
through various research and technologies,
but do these products really give you what you want?
Are you compromising your true needs?

“If you say so, perhaps it’s only my
subconscious believing it’s effectively working.”
“I just believe it’s a good product without in-depth understanding”

The reason why the problem is unsolved,
may be because you get an unnecessary product
without understanding.

If what’s obvious to you isn’t always obvious to others,
how can you tell if a product really is safe and reliable?

The answer is always simple.

ZEAL COSMETICS is committed
to realizing true beauty and abundance.

We take a unique perspective and approach
to revealing undiscovered needs,
and attempt to create products that don't yet exist
by using our unique ideas and technologies.

World’s first,
collaborative R&D facility
for products using Antibody ingredients

Kyoto Research Center is an industrial-academic collaboration research center
where Kyoto Prefectural University,
Ostrich Pharma Co. Ltd., and ZEAL COSMETICS Inc.
jointly conduct research.
We research and develop products like cosmetics, household goods,
and health foods using the characteristic of the Antibody ingredient*
that inactivates only the particular substance.

We conduct research and development of skincare products
using Antibody ingredients* to meet the request from many people
who have skin problems and hope to relieve their symptoms with daily skin care.

*Ostrich Egg Yolk Extract


Yasuhiro Tsukamoto Professor, Graduate School of Life and
Environmental Sciences,
Kyoto Prefectural University / Veterinarian /
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Established Ostrich Pharma Co. Ltd., a university-oriented startup company
that raises about 500 ostriches. Producing various Antibodies from their eggs,
it conducts research and development for commercialization of Ostrich Antibodies.
In 2009, he was presented with the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award
under the Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Contributors Awards.
In 2012, he succeeded in development of surgical masks with pollen antigens
and cosmetics for atopic dermatitis.

Co-development with
IMCB Biopolis
Where the World’s
Knowledge Gathers
in Singapore

ZEAL COSMETICS established R&D Center in Biopolis,
a world-class biomedical research hub, established by the Singapore Government.

Centering on the cooperative research with the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB),
ZEAL COSMETICS works with several public agencies to conduct development
and marketing of skincare and anti-allergenic products.

Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology

It was established by the Singapore Government in 1987
to promote and support the biomedical R&D capabilities.
It is an international hub for biomedical research collaborating
with industry and research institutes worldwide as well as a
world-class research institute focusing on six fields of the
biomedical science; cell biology, developmental biology,
structural biology, infection, cancer biology, and
translational research.

R&D Conducted at
the World’s Best Environment
Hong Kong Science Park

Hong Kong Science Park, a national institute by Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
It is an R&D facility wholly funded by the Hong Kong government.
It supports R&D, personnel training, promotion, and business matching
for the company development.

ZEAL COSMETICS established an R&D Center in Hong Kong Science Park in April 2017.
With support from the government and educational institutions,
ZEAL COSMETICS is studying and developing Ostrich Antibody products
for more people in various countries and regions.