the Power of Life

Immunity is a self-protection system, always monitoring and fighting off the cancer cells
generated in the body or bacteria and virus invaded from outside the body.

Human body is constantly exposed to foreign substances, bacteria, and virus
invading the body, but in most cases we don’t develop illness
due to the immune system.

We need the immunity to keep our body healthy.

the Key Element
of Immunity

Antibody takes a main role in the immune system.

It recognizes and binds to particular antigens such as bacteria and virus,
and suppresses their operation.
Utilizing its function to recognize particular antigens, Antibody has been used
in biology, medical treatments, and medicine.

The Antibody suppresses the operation of the particular antigen by adsorbing and binding to it. The Antibody suppresses the operation of the particular antigen by adsorbing and binding to it.

Using an Antibody
as an Ingredient

Antibody ingredients utilize the characteristics of Antibodies in various fields.
The research and development of Antibody ingredients started
with the use in cancer treatments.

Antibodies have drawn worldwide attention because they only function
on particular antigens and have very few side effects.
Antibody ingredients are expected to expand its field of use in the future.

Our Proprietary
Antibody Ingredient:
Ostrich Egg Yolk Extract

ZEAL COSMETICS focuses on Antibody ingredients to solve various problems in the society.
We have researched and developed the Ostrich egg yolk extract on our own.
We are conducting product development in various fields
adopting Antibody ingredients to cosmetics for the first time in the world.
The potential of Antibody ingredients is continuing to expand.

Antibody Ingredient:
Ostrich Egg Yolk Extract

The ostrich is the largest living species of bird in the world.
They seldom die of illness and have
remarkable immune systems and resilience.
We focus on their vitalities, the egg size, and
the egg production capacity.
We administer a detoxified antigen
in an ostrich and generate Antibodies.
We extract high-quality Antibodies from ostrich eggs quickly.
In this way, we avoid sacrificing the lives of any ostriches.

  • Heat resistant
  • Both acidity and alkalinity resistance
  • Highly stable functions

Ostrich Antibodies (Listed as Ostrich Egg Yolk Extract on ingredient labels.)

  • Anti-ceramidase Antibody
  • Anti-Staphylococcus aureus Antibody
  • Anti-acne Antibody
  • Anti-Pseudomonas
    aeruginosa Antibody
  • Anti-melanin Antibody
  • Anti-pollen
    (cedar, cypress, rice,
    and ragweed) Antibody
  • Anti-Streptococcus mutans Antibody
  • Anti-periodontal bacteria Antibody
  • Anti-lipase Antibody
    Anti-lactase Antibody
    Anti-amylase Antibody
  • Anti-influenza Antibody
  • Anti-house dust Antibody