Original Equipment Manufacturer

We support the total planning of cosmetics responding to clients’ needs
from product development to launching products onto the market.
Our detailed service includes product planning, submission of a prototype,
planning a sales strategy, brand design, formula development and responding to regulatory matters.

Workflow of cosmetics development for OEM

We conduct a meeting about your company’s
selling experience and concept.
Based on market research,
we propose products
meet your requirements.
We conduct trials and improvements on the formula
in line with the development concept.
We evaluate the improved prototype and
decide on the formula.
We propose materials and designs within your budget.
We determine material and design specifications
and provide a quote.
We conduct an examination on safety and stability,
and submit regulatory applications.
We deliver only products that conform
to strict quality standards.
Follow up
We support promotional plans and
propose updates for them.

Inquiries on OEM

(Weekday 9:00〜18:00)